Thank you God for my husband.

Thank you God for my husband.

After our tiniest was born my midwife encouraged seven days in bed & seven days around bed to truly allow my body time to rest and heal. I didn’t know this at the time she spoke those words but my husband took them seriously. I am so glad he did because I surely didn’t and definitely wanted to be up and out of bed getting back to my family ASAP.. 

This just shows his character more than my words ever could. 

During this time of healing, my husband did it ALL. Well, until my mom arrived. But for that first week, he did everything. Our home didn’t just survive but did well. I’m not going to lie and share that he did it the way I wanted him to but he did it exactly the way he wanted to and set our home and kids up for success, how could I have asked for more? 

Even though we welcomed our baby earthside, that week he still managed to have both of our big kids picked up on time, homework done and spelling words practiced, Taco Tuesday celebrated and skin-to-skin contact with our tiniest. I’m 100% sure all of our kids wore clean clothes and all of the dishes were done, which may or may not happen when I’m running our household, so there’s that.  Plus, he kept me hydrated and fed, participated in our appointments and gave me statements that fed my love language every day. If you’re wondering who should receive the husband of the year award, you know my nomination!

At one point I sent him a recipe to put in the crockpot to have for dinner. A couple hours later, I followed up and asked if he had time to throw all of the ingredients together and he shared, “babe, we are just going to eat hot dogs until your mom arrives.” Can’t say that I’m surprised because 1) hotdogs from Costco are the bomb and 2) everyone begs to have Costco hotdogs. The only reason i dont feed them to my family everyday is probably because Costco chicken nuggets are also my favorite. I’m kidding guys, you should see my meal planning but also not kidding because hot dogs and chicken nuggets are definitely included once a week.

Since my butt was parked in bed, I got a front row seat of how hard my husband works to be my husband, a daddy and leader of our home.

It was humbling. 

I took a step back, hypothetically speaking, and saw how much weight he carries for our family. If you know my husband you know that he doesn’t stress about anything, keeps the peace and doesn’t get flustered easily. But when I was in bed, I was able to see him differently in a way I’ve never seen because I’ve always been checking off the to do list, remembering all of the things and having enough worry and stress for the BOTH of us. 

Someone told me that mom’s carry the weight of the world for their family. My husband does too, just in a different way than I do. He does it in a way that compliments me and helps to set me up for success as a mom. It is a gift that he naturally gives without any complaints and I truly recognized it when he respected my time of healing and fed the needs of our family when I couldn’t.

Thank you, God for my husband. You knew exactly what you were doing when bringing us together.


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