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Services offered:

Trauma Integration Sessions to process unresolves experiences, identify triggers and accept grace to break cycles & experience wholeness.

Faith Based Aparrell to live our faith with daily affirmations and scripture.

Blended Family & Faith Podcast Episodes to connect with others, obtain new tools and resources as well as resonate with the stories shared by others as you listen.

Speaking Opportunities to encourage community and connection.

High Conflict Co Parenting Guide: coming soon!
Blended Family Village: coming soon!
Pre-Order Mandy's first book: coming soon!

About Mandy Mae Johnson

Hey Sister! I’m Mandy. I live by my faith, love my husband & kiddos, will do anything for tacos and believe community is life changing.

Being a wife, mom and co-parent certainly keeps me busy but when I’m not chasing tiny humans, I love to write, read, create or run/hike.

Mandy Mae Johnson is a blog full of faith, marriage, motherhood, blended life and taking care of yourself as a daughter of a King.


Inspiring Hope. Igniting Passion. Connecting in Sisterhood


“I love to connect with other mamas to have intentional conversations of faith, healing, marriage & motherhood.”
- Mandy Mae