A Poem from My Husband 2020

I have someone I have someone at home waiting for me,She sees me for me.I have someone who wants me,She fights me,I have someone who fights for me.No doubt she challenges me.I have someone who is stronger than me,She leans into me.I have someone who tells me what do,She listens too. It’s a story to…

Thank you God for my husband.

After our tiniest was born my midwife encouraged seven days in bed & seven days around bed to truly allow my body time to rest and heal. I didn’t know this at the time she spoke those words but my husband took them seriously. I am so glad he did because I surely didn’t and…

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Hey Sister! I’m Mandy. I live by my faith, love my husband & kiddos, will do anything for tacos and believe community is life changing.

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