To teachers of students in blended families

To teachers of students in blended families

To teachers of students in blended families,

Please give them grace and understand their struggle. 

Trust me. We try to keep things balanced and consistent. 

Trust me. We try to communicate in the best interest of our children.

Trust me. We want to be at every event possible.

Trust me. We are doing our best, giving our best and being our best. 

I know you don’t get paid enough to deal with this kind of stuff. 

I know you didn’t sign up for some of this stuff.

I know it can be extremely annoying.

Please don’t hold it against our kids. 

Please ignore the unnecessary high conflict if/when it arises.

Please don’t cast judgement or pick a favorite parent/home. 

Can you please just give grace to our kids who are adjusting to another set of expectations and standards in another environment as they navigate two homes?

Can you please hold space for them as they navigate this new season?

Can you please handle them with care on transition days?

I value the work you do in your classroom for our kids. 

I value the role you play in the lives of these babes. 

I appreciate you as you adapt to meet their needs.

I appreciate you as you see where they are at and continue alongside them.


A mom with a blended family.

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