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Above All Else Guard Your Heart

Recently on the Fearlessly Inspired podcast, I shared my husband and I work diligently to guard each other’s hearts. You can find the podcast here: Episode 21 Inspiration for the Blended Family with Mandy Mae Johnson I’ve received some questions about this statement and even more about the process of how it has and continues…

Is She Nice To You?

“Is she nice to you?”  Here is my response to a question/statement people make in regards to stepmoms.  Recently, I overheard someone ask my stepson this. I don’t care how my little bonus babe answers, so I walked away.  I don’t care because  I know who I am as a child of God Kids don’t…

Interview from Fearlessly Inspired Podcast

I was honored to share a part of our Blended Family Journey on a podcast, Fearlessly Inspired. THANK YOU Charli for everything. Episode 21: Inspiration for the Blended Family with Mandy Mae Johnson Here is what Charli has to say:JULY 30, 2020 In Episode 21, we hear from my friend Mandy Mae Johnson. I first…

Julyish Book Stack

I LOVE reading. Always have, always will. When I was younger, I would ride my bike down to our small town library and get as many books as I could carry in my backpack. Just kidding, backpacks weren’t cool so I would check out two at a time because that is how many I could…

Just a little game of cards

Just like Arizona’s stay at home order affected your family, it definitely affected mine and then it affected my marriage. Don’t worry guys, nothing crazy. I just CRAVED date nights. My husband and I were pretty committed to our 1-2 date nights a week so when that all of a sudden STOPPED completely, I didn’t…

No babe, try to sleep.

Do you have kids that are great sleepers? Eh, to be honest I don’t even know how I would answer that if I was asked.  Here are some of the characteristics of our sleepers in no particular order in regards to no particular child: Sleeps 11 hours straightGets up to go to the bathroom independentlyWears…

Mini Mony

“I am a grateful daughter of the King. I came to CR for divorce hurts. I struggle with an eating disorder, shame and self worth. My name is Mandy.”
Introducing myself like this became the norm, even comforting for a big part of my life. I did it 2-4 times a week, for almost two years. Even know, when I hear someone state, “My name is ___ “ I will sometimes respond with “I’m so thankful you’re here.”
CR stands for Celebrate Recovery .


I make mistakes that feel tremendous and tiny all at once. I pick fights with my husband {sorry babe!].


About Me

Hey Sister! I’m Mandy. I live by my faith, love my husband & kiddos, will do anything for tacos and believe community is life changing.

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