Trial Update February 2021

Trial Update February 2021

This week, my husband had a trial for the custody of his son. 

The original petition from the opposing party was filed in 2019, this trial has a particularly lengthy period leading up to it. The opposing party requested full custody and sole decision making with my husband having supervised visits. My husband requested joint decision making with final say.

Since I’ve met my husband, he has gone to court approximately 16 times. I say approximately because, well, I don’t really want to think about the real number because IT IS OUTRAGEOUS. 

Many of you have sent a message or text praying for me, my husband and for our family. I haven’t shared a lot because I’ve been taking time to focus on my family, honor my husband, lean on my community, process & pray. 

The following is written by myself and my husband to share our views and experience. 

My husband arrived early to his attorney’s office to prepare and go over the exhibits submitted. About an hour before trial started, I began receiving texts from my husband. These texts lead me to believe that a settlement was in process in an attempt to avoid trial. 

I made this assumption based off of the simple fact that agreements were being reached on topics that have been important to us and in the best interest of my husband’s son FOR YEARS. 

Minutes before the trial was to start, multiple settlements were reached however nothing would be set in stone until it was heard in front of a judge and put on official record. 

The opposing party spent their allotted time tearing down the character of my husband in an attempt to discredit him as a husband, father and man. They also spent time tearing down my husband’s son to state there is something wrong with him suggesting aggression, violence and abnormalities.

My husband spent his time providing supporting evidence that his son is happy, thriving and typically developing and he is the advocate for him in his life. 

The trial lasted three hours. 

The judge has 60 days to make a ruling after hearing both testimonies. 

The following is written by myself to share my heart and experience. 

This day was the longest time I’ve spent away from my husband since COVID began. This was the first trial since being together that I wasn’t present for trial sitting in the court room as a supporting partner to him. I had friends call, text, stop by on their lunch break and help lighten my load throughout the day. 

As we wait for the ruling, we try to process and reflect to use this experience to make us more trusting in God, stronger in our marriage, loving on our kiddos and leaning into our community. 

The decision is up to a judge to make so we ask for your prayers as this judge goes over the testimonies and evidence. Please pray God gives the judge discernment from any manipulation and deceit within the provided exhibits. Please pray God guides the decision made in the best interest of this little boy that means so much to our family. Please pray as we are trusting and in the season of waiting. Please pray for the healing of hearts that are in need of transformation. 

We are so thankful for you and your community of support.


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