Trauma: A Redemption Story

Trauma: A Redemption Story


*Trigger Warning:  This episode will discuss a specific person’s experience with pregnancy as a result of sexual assault.  This episode also mentions abortion. The content may be triggering to listeners with similar experiences.

Mandy has a conversation with Jes Smith. Jes is busy chasing Jesus, a wife to Tyler, mama to future leaders and clumsy nature lover.

When they met, Mandy shared some fun facts about her life and included she lives life blended with her husband. Jes was quite reassuring that she has had quite the life journey with her own set or coparenting experiences with an incredible testimony to boot.

Listen as Jes shares a true story of redemption as she shares her biggest traumatic experience that lead to additional trials. Her bravery and courage as she shares about her trauma, hurts, boundaries, healing and faith is nothing short of miraculous.

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