No babe, try to sleep.

No babe, try to sleep.

Do you have kids that are great sleepers?

Eh, to be honest I don’t even know how I would answer that if I was asked. 

Here are some of the characteristics of our sleepers in no particular order in regards to no particular child:

Sleeps 11 hours straight
Gets up to go to the bathroom independently
Wears diapers to bed
Only needs 2 songs to fall asleep
Has bad dreams but prays self back to sleep
Sleeps through falling off bed
Once in bed, stays in bed
Uses sleep to wake alarm clock
Doesn’t sleep through the arrival of garbage trucks on Thursday at 5am

I will say this, I believe that naps are life and a consistent bedtime routine is an absolute and that’s how our household will be until these tiny birds leave the nest. Trust me, if our kids are up past our normal bedtime it is because something really freaking special is happening. 

Last week our great 14-hour-a-night sleeper, who is also our tiniest human, decided to wake up at 3:43am. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal to me because he probably wants another blanket or a drink of water and will go back to sleep, super fast. Especially if Daddy is the one to help him out. Not this time. This time he did not go back to sleep. In fact, he cried out and complained. So, the guessing game started. Hungry? Bad Dream? Sick? My husband did most of this guessing game with the sweet babe. I stayed up rocking him for a while until Daddy swaddled him up and it was back to bed for baby. 

I could hear the little guy tossing and turning. Finally a little after 5am he fell back asleep. I fell asleep at 5:22. Just in time for my husband’s alarm clock to go off at 5:30am.

Why is he getting up so early? 

Well, he is an essential worker for a bank. 
He specializes in COMPLAINTS. 
Which means there is an abundance of overtime.
I guess there are lots of complainers out there with everything going on. Surprising, right?

He didn’t complain though. Not once. Not about being tired. Not about anything. He didn’t even ask for a coffee run. He loves an Iced Caramel Macchiato from our local coffee shop, Honeycutt Coffee . I surprised him with one later in the morning because after he got up, he shut MY alarm clock and let ME sleep until 9am when our tiniest baby bear decided to emerge.

We are going on a week now of this fun game or waking up in the middle of the night. Growth Spurt? Sweet Jesus it better be just a growth spurt or else God is going to seriously need to bless my coffee and tequila budget to prepare us for the long haul of consistency and getting this baby back to sleeping 14 hours a night.

*settle down, obviously the tequila is for my stockpile and not for later today*

Last night around 1am, the tiny bear cries out his angry cries but starts to settle down. Only to cry out and complain longer and louder a few minutes later.

“Babe, are you awake? Baby is having a hard time.”

Clearly sleeping because I had to nudge him he mutters, “yeah babe I got it I’m awake. Has he been up?”

“Not long.”

“Have you checked on him?”

I don’t even hesitate when I reply with, “No.” I start to feel guilty. Like, oh man I’m the mom I should be up with him, why did I wake him up?? Daddy has to work all day and work so early! Oh gosh I should have just let him sleep. I EVEN START TO GET OUT OF BED.

“Babe, I got him. Try to fall back asleep. He’s probably just cold.”

I stay in our cozy warm bed as Daddy plays the guessing game. Gives a drink of water. Hunts down another blanket having to check dressers, closets and finally finding them downstairs— where they were forgotten by ME because baby brought them down after nap and I just didn’t feel like dragging them back upstairs . Also, Daddy had to go back downstairs for not one but TWO snacks. 

He finally snuggles tired baby bear back up and into bed and when he comes back to our bed bed, I thank him.

He replies, “Sorry you were awake listening to him. Try to fall back asleep.

I’m thankful when he moves in close and puts his arm around me to try to help ME fall asleep. He waits and waits til he thinks I’m sleeping before finally rolling over.  I roll over too, to let him be the little spoon. Of course he falls asleep quickly and for that, I am so thankful. 

I couldn’t fall back asleep though.. 

Over two more hours til I finally won the battle against pregnancy insomnia.

The whole time I was in bed with my eyes closed in the dark waiting to fall asleep, not only was I writing this in my head and writing out numerous chapters in my book but also I couldn’t help but feel so thankful for the man laying next to me. 

“I got this.
I got him.
Try to sleep.”

What an incredible gift in a team for a baby ❤️

**one of my fav pics from last week because baby always likes to snuggle daddy on the couch**

**one of my fav pics from last week because baby always likes to snuggle daddy on the couch**

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