Another little gift

Another little gift

My husband is the king of gift giving. For real.

When I shared I didn’t think we should exchange gifts for our anniversary or for Christmas, he asked why.

Well, because somehow in the year 2020 I have actually received more gifts than I could ask for or even dreamed up and the blessings have been incredible. What could he possibly want to get me?

So in early December my hubs asked me what I would LIKE for our anniversary and I just asked to have my ring resized.

Fun story, my beautiful engagement ring fit perfectly when he proposed. When we got married we ordered our bands using amazon prime 🙌🏼  $11 total for the pair. During my pregnancy with our first *ours* baby, I lost an extreme amount of weight. Twenty pounds in the first 8 weeks, actually. I was so sick! With the weight lost, my rings were wayyyy too big. I got a cheap walmart ring to stack and keep them on in the hopes I would gain weight and my rings would fit again. After baby was born we decided my weight was stabilized and my ring should be resized. Well, by the end of the third trimester during this pregnancy with our second *ours* baby I couldn’t wear my engagement ring but my trusty $6 amazon band still fit because it’s so cheap it can’t be resized 🤣

The traditional three year anniversary gift is leather themed. I told my bestie right away that I highly doubt my husband was getting me anything traditional. He marches to the best of his own drum and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. 

And if you know my husband, not only do you know that he thinks of amazing (and extravagant) gifts but he is also terrible at surprises. I love surprises. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. ((Unless either of us is being served with court paperwork, that is not a fun surprise.)) My husband is also terrible at lying or even bending the truth. Having my husband keep a secret surprise from me is near impossible. If I ask one too many questions or make one too many comments, the cat is out of the bag and I will have it figured out. I try really hard to just not mention anything so I don’t ruin the surprise for myself!

I knew with this anniversary he was up to SOMETHING so I reluctantly handed over my ring to be resized, with stipulations! 

  • No changing the diamond

  • No changing the band

  • No adding anything to the band

  • No adding anymore diamonds to my ring

  • No changing my $6 amazon band 

My ring is already perfect, I really don’t need anything added 🥰

Well, the night before our anniversary we pick it up and he says I can open it now or when we get home. I say we can wait the 30 minutes to get home for me to try it on so that I can have adequate lighting to admire it. I can see him squirm, dying for me to open the little box. 

I finally give in and open it 10 minutes later.


He followed all the rules, guys. 

Because he just added another band 😍

He shared he wanted this gift for me because I am more worthy of a $6 amazon band. He also wanted me to have a little bit more sparkle. He knows I would NEVER in a million years ever ask for a ring, not before he proposed or now or EVER. He actually shared I never ask for anything, I’m content with what we have.

Even though I am obsessed with this perfect gift, I haven’t shared because I’m in constant awe that God have me this man.

Most days I do not feel deserving or worthy of my husband. 

Let alone his gifts. 

But then I was chatting with a sister and she reminded me that I am blessed and 💯 deserve this love.


not only did my hubs write the most amazing poetry but he also gift me a new wedding band ❤️

also, I’m not quite ready to get rid of my $6 band— I think I will keep it forever 🥰🥰🥰



Our wedding night

Our wedding night

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