Interview from Fearlessly Inspired Podcast

Interview from Fearlessly Inspired Podcast

I was honored to share a part of our Blended Family Journey on a podcast, Fearlessly Inspired.
THANK YOU Charli for everything.

Episode 21: Inspiration for the Blended Family with Mandy Mae Johnson

Here is what Charli has to say:
JULY 30, 2020

In Episode 21, we hear from my friend Mandy Mae Johnson. I first met Mandy in middle school and over the years, without effort, we’ve stayed in each other’s lives. For what reason we don’t know; we weren’t in the same friend group, we didn’t play the same sports, we didn’t have the same interests. Nonetheless, it’s a heart connection we surrendered to and have realized that each time we reconnect it’s always for a purpose bigger than ourselves. Today, it’s to share her personal story of her experience as a blended family. 

Blended Family: a family unit where one or both parents have children from a previous relationship, but they have combined to form a new family.

Growing up as a young girl playing dolls, Mandy has zero recollection of wishing she would some day have a blended family. Neither do I. No one does. No one gets married hoping it will end in divorce and no one plans for a family hoping they’ll have to split time with someone else. 

It’s not a desire but it can be an incredible blessing. 

“I just wanted to love this little boy that was brought into my life.” Her heart is so good; so pure. 

Mandy Mae Johnson

In this episode, this beautifully souled friend of mine will open up and share what it’s like in her world as a mom, a stepmom or bonus mom, a wife, an ex, an entrepreneur, a person of faith and the key to keeping her marriage strong. When she talks about guarding each other’s heart, listen closely.

She does so with incredible vulnerability, humility and courage, in the midst of two court battles, because she knows someone needs to hear her words. Another mom or stepmom out there needs to allow her words to assure them it’ll be ok. 

But some days it isn’t. Sometimes having a blended family means 3-4 drop offs a week, missed moments, and high-stress interactions with emotional exes. Sometimes it means the cops show up at your house because Child Protection Services was called. 

“God doesn’t waste a hurt. Even through the hard days, I trust that process.” 

Mandy Mae Johnson

To Mandy: Your humility is inspiring. Your heart is grand. Your smile is infectious. Your ability to focus on the silver lining in all situations is something I pray permeates throughout all of your relationships. Thank you for being transparent with us and I pray this falls on the right ears.

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