Children Can Trigger Our Unresolved Trauma

Children Can Trigger Our Unresolved Trauma

Episode 27:

Listen to as Mandy interviews Beth Tyson, MA, is a childhood trauma consultant, 3x best-selling author, keynote speaker, and an advocate for children in the child welfare system. She provides international training on childhood trauma and loss, and is currently working on a trauma-informed animated series for teens.

While working as a psychotherapist with kinship families (aka grandparents raising grandchildren), she was inspired to write a children’s book to help families cope with the trauma of being separated from their biological parents.  Her tender-hearted book, A Grandfamily for Sullivan and her other books are  available at

Most importantly, Beth is the mom to a spirited little girl with a secret stash of chocolate in her room, just like her mama.

Beth is graciously giving away her copy of the CARES model for connection after chaos 

“A trauma-responsive “in the moment” method for caregivers and professionals”
As caregivers we want to help a child in distress, but we often say and do unhelpful things because we are overwhelmed by the child's behavior.

The C.A.R.E.S Model is a step-by-step trauma-responsive approach you can follow to co-regulate with a child who is in the fight/flight/freeze/fawn trauma response. This one-of-a-kind framework is a free gift to you, and signing up will also subscribe you to my monthly newsletter on childhood trauma. Access to the latest research and resources on childhood trauma will be included in your subscription, please subscribe to Beth's monthly Childhood Trauma Newsletter here:

Beth also has a private Facebook group you can join called Emotiminds, which is focused on trauma-informed care and trust-focused parenting. 

The instagram post we mention in this episode can be found here, Children Can Trigger our Old Trauma.

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