Is She Nice To You?

“Is she nice to you?” Here is my response to a question/statement people make in regards to stepmoms. Recently, I overheard someone ask my stepson this. I don’t care how my little bonus babe answers, so I walked away. I don’t care because I know who I am as a child of GodKids don’t like their parents all of…

Interview from Fearlessly Inspired Podcast

I was honored to share a part of our Blended Family Journey on a podcast, Fearlessly Inspired. THANK YOU Charli for everything. Episode 21: Inspiration for the Blended Family with Mandy Mae Johnson Here is what Charli has to say:JULY 30, 2020 In Episode 21, we hear from my friend Mandy Mae Johnson. I first…

Julyish Book Stack

I LOVE reading. Always have, always will. When I was younger, I would ride my bike down to our small town library and get as many books as I could carry in my backpack. Just kidding, backpacks weren’t cool so I would check out two at a time because that is how many I could…

Just a little game of cards

Just like Arizona’s stay at home order affected your family, it definitely affected mine and then it affected my marriage. Don’t worry guys, nothing crazy. I just CRAVED date nights. My husband and I were pretty committed to our 1-2 date nights a week so when that all of a sudden STOPPED completely, I didn’t…

No babe, try to sleep.

Do you have kids that are great sleepers? Eh, to be honest I don’t even know how I would answer that if I was asked.  Here are some of the characteristics of our sleepers in no particular order in regards to no particular child: Sleeps 11 hours straightGets up to go to the bathroom independentlyWears…

Mini Mony

“I am a grateful daughter of the King. I came to CR for divorce hurts. I struggle with an eating disorder, shame and self worth. My name is Mandy.”
Introducing myself like this became the norm, even comforting for a big part of my life. I did it 2-4 times a week, for almost two years. Even know, when I hear someone state, “My name is ___ “ I will sometimes respond with “I’m so thankful you’re here.”
CR stands for Celebrate Recovery .


About Me

Hey Sister! I’m Mandy. I live by my faith, love my husband & kiddos, will do anything for tacos and believe community is life changing.

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